The Craft Zone

In an ideal world, I would be queen of all things crafty. I would tune in my inner Martha Stewart and have a craft room that makes a diamond look like those necklaces from my pretty, pretty princess game. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home and the little nook I’ve created for my crafting obsession, but a girl can dream of having a grand craft room filled with every crafting tool and supplies ever created.

My craft space is small, but using a few storage solutions, I was able to turn it into the cozy and joyous area where I spend my nights creating beautiful pieces.  Before I walk you through my crafting zone, I will give you fair warning: my crafty room is always in a state of organized chaos.  Technically, I know where everything is located, so it can’t really be too bad. :-)

Stamp holder


Here is a stamp shelf I got on Craigslist. I was responding to an ad for rubber stamps from an older woman that had just had a grandchild and wanted to give up some of her hobbies. The shelf was hand crafted by her husband. I was purchasing the stamps right when I started The Crafty Accountant; and when I kept commenting how excited I was for these stamps and why I was buying them from her, she gave me the shelf because she “knew they were going to a good home.”  I felt to so blessed to receive such a nice gift from a stranger that ended up donated money in her honor to The Children’s Miracle Network.





This shelving unit is from IKEA. At first, I thought it was going to be too big for the space, but it really turned out beautifully and gives me so many storage options. The nice thing about this particular shelving unit is that you customize it in so many different ways, including attaching a desk to it. As you can see, I already have a few doors, drawers, and baskets. This particular shelve is part of the Expedit series and you can learn more about it here.





Time to see where the magic happens! This was another IKEA find that I purchased about two years before I turned my office into my craft room. While it is not the most ideal work area, it does the job. The only issue I have with it is that it has a small work area and I don’t know about you other crafty ladies, but I am a sprawler! I love having visuals of my supplies and some of my inspiration. Usually this means that it ends up sprawled on the floor; thankfully I can always close the office door if the “organized war zone” gets to be too much.



Magentic board


The thing I love most about my desk is the magnetic board I put above it. Another IKEA purchase (sense a pattern yet?); I attempted to decorate it using paint.  It didn’t turn out quite as planned, but it was a good learning opportunity.  I found a variety of baskets and holders, mainly from The Container Store, to hold my supplies.  I don’t believe the sell the white baskets you are seeing in my office, but you can see a sample of some of the other ones they offer at this link.


Now that you’ve seen my space, tell me about yours!  What storage solutions do you have for your hobby?  Have any other small space solutions?

The Crafty Accountant